Polarputki Oy’s general delivery terms

Scope: These terms apply to all deliveries by Polarputki Oy., unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Domestic Delivery Terms: TOP at customer’s premises, delivered to the customer for unloading, Finnterms 2001. Freight and appropriate packing as required by the product will be charged separately.

Terms of Payment: 14 days from the invoice date. We reserve the right to request advance payment in connection with the delivery, if our customer credit insurance is terminated or if we have overdue outstanding receivables from the customer. Advance payment may also be requested for confirmed deliveries in situations where the credit insurance company reduces the amount of compensation or otherwise substantially amends the insurance terms.

Overtime Interest: 13 % p.a

Price Changes: Changes in factory prices, currency rates, freight, customs, value-added tax or other comparable governmental fees affect our prices correspondingly.

Claims and Returning of Material: Claims regarding orders have to be made during the next working day of receipt of the order confirmation.
Claims regarding deliveries and products have to be made in writing within five (5) working days of receipt of the delivered product.

Upon receipt of the delivery, the customer is liable to verify that the number of packages is correctly marked in the bill of freight and that the product has not suffered any transport damages. Reservations must be entered into the bill of freight upon receipt of the product.
Returning of products always requires a prior agreement with the seller’s representative. The customer is responsible for proper handling and storage of the returnable product at the customer’s premises.
Unfounded returns are reimbursed to the maximum of 85 % of the product value.

Limitation of Liability: The products are delivered according to the quality standards confirmed by the seller. Polarputki Oy’s maximum aggregate liability for damages due to any defects of the product or delay in delivery, including also any contractual penalties, is limited to an amount corresponding to 15 % of the price of the defective or delayed products.

In addition to the above, the General Conditions of Sale of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders (TKL 04) are applied.

TKL Delivery terms

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